First morning sickness, first dream about being pregnant

Yesterday was a day of firsts. I had my first real morning sickness, starting right when I woke up. I've felt queezy a few times since I found out that I was pregnant, but I didn't actually think I would throw up. I was dry heaving yesterday. I didn't ever puke, but I thought for sure that I would. You know how right before you throw up, sometimes your mouth fills with spit and your eyes get all watery? It was like that. I felt sick, in varying intensities, pretty much all day. It wasn't until about 8 p.m. that I really got an appetite. I was suddenly very hungry. And that was the most delicious can of vegetable soup I've ever tasted.

Then, last night I had my first dream about being pregnant. In my dream, I woke up and I undressed, intending to get ready for work. I looked down at my breasts and noticed that one of my nipples was HUGE. It was massive, and it felt all spongy and rubbery. I thought to myself, "But this is so early! It's only going to get bigger. How will the baby ever fit it's little mouth around that?"


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