Ringworm while pregnant

I'm laying in bed on my belly while I type this because my back is covered in salt.

The reason that I went to the doctor two days ago is that I have tinea corporis-- roughly translated to mean "fungus butt" more commonly known as "ringworm." Kiyoshi is taking swimming lessons, and so I'm blaming the swimming school for this predicament. Once I realized that I had ringworm, I checked the collective wisdom of the internet to see if I can take over-the-counter anti-fungal medicine while pregnant. Turns out that the answer is "no." I waited a few days, hoping that a couple of spots of ringworm would be no big deal, but it started to spread and I got REALLY itchy.

I thought that my doctor might be able to help, so I made an appointment. Surely she knows of some not-over-the-counter medicine that pregnant ladies can take, right? Nope. I'm glad that I went to the doctor that day anyway, because I started spotting while I was there and she gave me the necessary paperwork to get my hormone levels tested, BUT I got no relief for the ringworm.

At home after the doctor's office, I did another search on the internet and found that you can put sea salt on your ringworm spots to dry them out. Home remedy. Figuring that salt on your skin can't be THAT bad if you're pregnant, I called my soon-to-be OBGYN to confirm. I was told that it should be okay, just to discontinue it if I have any reactions on my skin.

So my dear, sweet husband has been making sea salt and water pastes and spreading them all over my back, stomach, and legs for the past three nights. We let the salt sit on my skin for 40 minutes before wiping it off. It seems to be helping. I'm not itchy anymore, at least. And some of the spots appear to be going away. Yay!


Le Chateau des fleurs said...
July 23, 2010 at 12:54 PM

Poor woman! Did the ring worm go away ?

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