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"Finding and collecting all things artfully cute, whimsical goods and kawaiiness out there into one single blog. From art to clothes and everything in between, this blog will hold it all." - I Eat Kawaii

Cute blog, go check it out over here!

Chickything - Gorgeous Online Shop

Chickything - The House of Pretties is a beautiful & indulgent shops you'll ever hope to find! Every photo is so lovingly taken to include decadent treats, and all of the items are categorized by Lolita, Baroque, Couture, Vintage, and Art.

Want to Have the Glow of a Strawberry Cake?

Kera magazine has merged dessert and makeup looks. Oh, so pretty!

Busy as a bee!

Been pretty busy in the last couple of days, now everything has calmed down and I'm back to normal :)

A Hello Kitty Fan

Came across this small Hello Kitty Fan. As it is small, it fits perfectly on a desk. 

Perfect thing to own considering how hot it's over here!
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